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So, here we are, a typical British family, living in East Anglia in the UK. Not rich, not famous, (well, not yet), paying our taxes, totally insignificant, and producing yet another site to clog up the arteries of the World Wide Web, but, welcome anyway.

And to complete the family line up, pictures of our menagerie,


       mog, mutt, mule & Cass, Gemma's partner.

Mogli was a ferrule cat that was captured prowling in a local chicken factory. Had we not 'rescued' him it would have been not only his prowling days that would have been over. The mutt, Maizie was also 'rescued' in a sense. She was a slut mutt having been thrown out of her original home for becoming pregnant. We adopted her from the local dog's home after she had given birth there. Sadly, none of her puppies survived. Consequently it would have been reasonable to expect a delinquent cat and delinquent dog to wreck the household, but fortunately this has not been the case and both have integrated into the family perfectly well. Sam, dosn't come into the house of course, he is stabled about a mile away and has been with us since he was a 2 year old, so hasn't had an excuse to manifest delinquent tendencies. Not sure about Cass, but he comes into the house occasionally.

Maizie & Mogli together, planning their next adventure.  Gemma & Cass together, indoors for social training.

From July, 2010, we now have a new addition to our menagerie, Sophie, a Labrador cross mutt adopted from the RSPCA. in Norwich. Again a mutt of dubious background having been homeless and then fostered, but at only 4 months old, the initial signs are favourable that she will grow into a hound displaying at least some 'normal' tendencies.

  Sophie involved in a constant search for food.     Sophie ignoring Maizie's lesson on how to sleep.

So, what's the purpose of this website?

Good question, especially as I asked it myself. Well, I suppose its partly an attempt to keep up with modern technology, its something to play with instead of continually blowing myself up on Minesweeper and its a chance to communicate with and hopefully amuse the outside world. As I am useless at writing letters and hate using the phone, its a chance to let our friends* know what we've been up to.

*To avoid an empty set, the term "friends" should include relatives, companions at alcoholics anonymous, associates at gamblers anonymous, the staff at my drugs rehabilitation unit, my probation officer, creditors, (sorry, I'm out of the country at the moment) and the local Constabulary.

And what have we got to look forward to on subsequent pages?

Another good question, amazing! Well, there will be pictures of our holidays, some now relegated to the archives pages, simply because I have loads of pictures for would be travellers. There will be a local page glorifying the beautiful Suffolk countryside and nearby towns and a  jokes page is a must of course. More pages will follow eventually, so pop back occasionally to see how the site is progressing if nothing else. Please feel free to sign the guest book or even email us, we don't bite.




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